Mobile Scuba Fills

Reef 2 Ridge has a well equipped mobile dive centre that is able to offer scuba fills including AIR, NITROX, TRIMIX and OXYGEN at any dive site around Mount Gambier. The onboard compressor is a BAUER 11.2 CFM Mariner featuring  BAUER SECURUS filter monitoring and  an independent active Carbon Monoxide monitor you can rest assured that your gas is of the highest quality. For total fireban days or quiet fills the van also has 330 BAR air banks installed. For Oxygen and blends it is equipped with a huge MPS OB38TWIN booster pump. The van can also provide a 300m long fill whip, hire equipment and other onsite logistics which is especially useful for Nullarbor Cave diving expeditions. So for your next diving trip to Mount Gambier or the Nullarbor, don't forget to book the mobile dive centre for your on-site fills and logistics.

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