Equipment Hire

Reef 2 Ridge has a large and ever increasing range of equipment for hire. Whether you need a mask and wetsuit for a snorkelling adventure, a full set of scuba gear to go hunting crays, a twinset or sidemount setup for cave diving or even a rebreather and dozens of stage cylinders for the next big expedition, Reef 2 Ridge can provide it and rest assured, equipment is disinfected after every use, ensuring your safety.

Prices start from $85 per day

Prices start from $100 per day

Prices start from $30 per day

Reef 2 Ridge has a new fleet of Pinnacle Cruiser and Cressi Castoro wetsuits in 5mm and 7mm thickness in both male and female sizing. These great suits offer plenty of warmth for the Mount Gambier region and if you are a cold frog, you can also hire a merino-lined hooded vest to really keep you toasty warm.

Prices start from $40 per day

Reef 2 Ridge not only hires out both full feet snorkelling fins and mask/snorkel combos, but we also hire technical diving style "jetfins" for advanced divers. Save on baggage allowance and leave your fins at home, you don't have to worry about being issued a pair of flimsy split-fins here!

Reef2Ridge has a fleet of demo dry suits for hire made by Santi from Poland. Given a little notice Reef2Ridge can source a drysuit for regular hire or as a demo prior to purchasing your own custom made suit. 

Prices start from $20 per day

Reef2Ridge has a large fleet of cylinders available for hire for a day or a week at a time. The fleet includes twin 12L Fabers, Twin 7L Fabers, sidemount 12L Fabers, sidemount 7L Fabers both with left and right hand valves, single 12L Fabers and stage/deco cylinders fitted with standard DIR style rigging in both 11.4 (s80) and 5.7 (s40) sizes.

With a hire fleet of Shearwater Research Petrel and CRESSI Leonardo computers for hire, you can be sure that you have a quality dive computer keeping you safe.

Reef2Ridge has a small hire fleet of both primary canister and backup lights made by AGIR, Hollis and Halcyon. All of whom make excellent quality lights that are sure not to leave you in the dark.

With a fleet of HALCYON backplate/wing technical style single tank systems for hire, Reef2Ridge is sure to have a system to suit your needs. All of the regulator sets come in DIN and feature a necklace and 5' hose for safety and ergonomics, our hire computers are all CRESSI leonardo nitrox wrist computers.

Reef2Ridge has a fleet of Halcyon Evolve 40lb and harness systems. The Regulator systems are all Halcyon AURA regs and feature a 2.1m long hose, 55cm short hose and necklace, wing and drysuit inflation hose and a 61cm HP hose connected to a 60cm "Brass and Glass" SPG with bolt snap. 

Reef2Ridge has a small fleet of HALCYON ZERO GRAVITY 30 Sidemount systems for hire. These two rigs have proven to be the most versatile and reliable sidemount systems that are easy to "dial in" quickly by a new user. If you are flying in from overseas or want to learn to dive sidemount before you buy a rig, here is a good place to try two of the leading models.

Reef2Ridge can arrange rebreathers for hire from JJ-CCR, Hollis Prism and KISS Sidekick. You can even do your CCR course on a hire unit before making the big purchase so you know that you are buying the right unit for your needs.

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