Rock Climbing Tours

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Rock Climbing Tours

Reef2Ridge has a team of very experienced guides who have excellent knowledge about climbing and the rock faces.

Luminous mushrooms can be found growing in the pine forests of Mount Gambier during May and June every year. Working in a close relationship with ForestrySA, Reef2Ridge is now able to provide intimate and tailored Ghost mushroom tours for those wanting to experience the magic without the masses and gain a better understanding of what makes this region so unique. The Ghost Mushroom (Omphalotus nidiformis) is a bioluminescent fungus that emits a soft green glow at night. The species is native to Australia and can often be found growing on decaying plant material - such as stumps left behind following pine tree harvest. 

The mushrooms emerge in late autumn following good rain and continue into winter, with some reaching a size of up to 20cm wide. 

The soft green glow is a result of a chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen which when combined, can glow bright enough to read the words on a page! 

In the 2017 and 2018 Ghost Mushroom season, an estimated 40,000 people visited the forests to see this natural phenomenon. 

Located 16km from Mount Gambier, Reef2Ridge are excited to be providing tours every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night through May and June with 2 tours running each night. More tours can be arranged on different nights, provided there are 4 or more people interested. The tour will meet at the Reef2Ridge shop on Caldwell street before a free shuttle bus will be offered to customers travelling to Ghost Mushroom Lane. 

Reef2Ridge is also also capable of offering Limited Mobility or Themed tours for interested groups where special equipment or conditions are required for participants. These tours will be run on a requested basis and can accommodate a wide range of needs and themes.

We recommend that all customers wear outdoor style footwear (sneakers or hiking boots) as the trails through the forest are uneven. Suitable warm clothing must also be warn. We recommend a warm jacket and a beanie. Ghost mushroom beanies and other merchandise are available for purchase from the shop on the night of the tour.

For the enjoyment of others, we ask that you leave the mushrooms as you find them. The chemicals in the mushrooms responsible for the glow are poisonous and can cause cramps and vomiting if ingested. Accidental touching however, is not harmful. 


Tour Prices


Child under 16

Family (2 adults 2 children)


Mid week minimum 4 persons






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